November 24, 2011


This is Thanksgiving Day in the United States and I'm celebrating...not only the fact that this country was founded but also that:

those who came did so under God
those that helped did so under God
those that stayed did so under God
those that believe Do so under God

I am thankful for more than could be listed here, in fact you could most likely take everyone's list and combine them all together to get mine.

As we enter this big holiday time and season for many different cultures my hope for you is to remember to be thankful

Happy Texas Sized
Thanksgiving to y'all
(save room for pie, ya hear)


Bren Graham Thebeau said...

Now that's a turkey! Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving

APG Jamie said...

it was good, thank you Bren.

LoL we had an aunt that though this was an Emu. Bless her heart. ;-)

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