July 28, 2010

Art-Art Laundry

How’s about some miscellaneous projects I have been doing around the studio. Let’s see a friend told me about an ATC she was stressed out trying to make. So I being moi, tried my hand at it too, what ta heck ya know shirley it couldn’t be that hard. Hum and what? It was so clear in my head yet it just wasn’t working out right. Here is a shot of my attempts and while they are not horrible they don’t achieve the “iris” effect that was sought after. I suggested my friend ask the ATC lady just how she had made hers, cause it wasn’t worth me getting freaked out over. I believe art should be fun not a full time job. Although I’m not opposed to doing art as a full time job cause that would be sooooo cool and fun and like while I waited for paint and junk to dry I could just pen an awesome poem or something…Writing isssss an art form ya know. But today’s post is mostly about art.

The door to my studio is purple and thus my studio is named My Purple Door Studios, with an S on account of I have more than one work station and do way more than one form of art.

Oh lookie here, new rubber stamps that I carved. Because the other one I did from an eraser is getting old. I love my purple door stamp, I use it to mark my fabulous works of art. One came out okay and the other I sorta didn’t do quite so well. But look I have lots more of that rubber stuff to carve up and try again.

And now it’s laundry time, seems like every time I turn around someone has added to the dirty basket. What’s up with that? Has the whole house gone insane! It just never fails I hang up the last shirt, put away the folded underbritches and bam the basket is over flowing again. Why people, why?

So do y’all think it would be better to run around naked? Then we wouldn’t have any dirty laundry. What a great idea! No really it is and it is so GREEN too! It would save water and all kinds of energy both electrical and mine! Who cares what we look like without any clothes, oh wait maybe I do…never mind.

Who wants a laundress? (that would be a person to wash, dry and put away your clothes) How cool would that be?


Quase Blog da Li said...

A lovely purple door! It has style.
I also like rubber stamps made. I always do my.


kim said...

I do laundry for 7, it NEVER stops!

Jamie Lynn said...

Quase I'm still trying to get the hang of carving stamps. I have some hand issues so I'm a little limited.

Kim - how can you stand it? Argh!

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