July 23, 2010


Artist by nature, it is in my bones to create.

Poet by chance, it runs through my veins.

Human by the grace of God.

They say that one who blogs should have a purpose, a plan of what to accomplish, for the blog. I want to outline my goals for you

I suppose I want to…

be heard

share in experiences; from me to you and you to me

reduce the gap between ideas to fulfillment

play with others

experiment and shrug off what may appear to be failure

have fun with this life in my own subdued type of adrenaline

My goals besides the above statements…

to be true and free in the creative process and whatever that may mean within me

to not down grade, undermine or lessen myself or my work (this is going be the hard part)

This is me, okay half of me. I have just started to learn how to draw portraits. You can find me on Twitter  @ArtistPoetGirl

but that is enough about me.
AND now please tell me about YOU

1 comment:

Kerri Love said...

I've always found half a face to be much easier to handle then a full face :) I'm a bit tweeter BTW so please post when you do new blog posts :) I'll try and visit

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