August 31, 2010

Paint Skin?

This is not a new phenomenon, but I wanted to share how I'm using it with you dear people. What is "it"? Paint Skin, sort of like the pudding skin you get when you make the old fashioned cooked pudding. It comes about when you use acrylic paint on a smooth plastic palette butter bowl lid and you leave a small amount unused and that ends up drying, then you reuse the same palette several times over.

The paint builds up and you can toss the lid or peal the paint off. When you peal it off you have paint skin. Use care and ease the edges all around to help keep it from tearing. Now if you notice the side that was against the lid comes off with a sort of sheen to it.

Frugal is as frugal does, I keep those bits that are interesting looking and not too thick. They slice up pretty good or gentley tear into small bits and they glue down well.

They can make nice and unusual decorations for ATCs, journal pages and much more. Hey it keeps them out of the landfills too.

What kind of little things do you do that may be considered, by others, as too much of a penny pinching penchant?

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