August 10, 2010

Studio clean up

What a mess! Sometimes I make a promise to myself that I will not buy or pick up one single art making thing until I organize and use some of what I already have. Do you ever do that?

So tell me does it work for you?  because it doesn't for me


Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

Why yes, yes it does. I feel much better after picking up the mess and (usually) reorganizing.

In truth, I reach a point where I don't feel like working on a project and compelled to straighten up the work table, at least.

As you know, I'm just getting started in Altered Art (thanks to you!) and still in the accumulation phase. Consequently, the stuff constantly needs reorganization as I add materials and tools.

It's time, though, to stop saving every little item I think might be useful, since I can't find what I know I already have. And th whole idea was to use up all the junk that already cluttered my home!

Bren said...

Do I ever relate, and no, it never works. I think the very nature of mixed media creates jumbled messes and it's not easy to find ways that work best for you when it comes to storage. Besides, art just keeps you expiring and expanding before you ever get to the place where you can narrow and focus.

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