August 27, 2010

Studio Frivolities

Remember when I hinted about some studio frivolities, here? Anyway I was looking forward to working on a gesso prompt for my" Prompt Journal" I know real original title. There I was pulling out the white gesso to paint my page...eww I forgot to shake the bottle and wouldn't you know it when I shook the bottle some drops came rushing out to splat my face, arms and the floor. Yeah, I forgot that I had loosened the lid before I remembered to shake it up. Okay mess cleaned up and white gesso applied. All was well again.

I dallied around while the page dried, straightening up and such. Then I tinted some white gesso, this time remembering to shake the bottle before I opened it. I learn pretty well sometimes. I decided I didn't like how the page was looking so I started working on an ATC, you can find that post here. Then back at that elusive journal page only time with clear gesso. Just love that smell any way things were going okay. I remembered to shake before I poured some out on my page and because I knew I would need more I sit the bottle aside for a minute while I applied the thick goopy stuff.

Then all of a sudden I got overzealous and you know it, my clunky elbow found the open bottle. Splat and slosh when the lovely gesso on my workbench and over flowing onto the floor. I managed to scoop up most of the spillage and the rest I mopped up. As you can see here, the journal page ended up coming out a stormy windy day.

Sometimes it's good to let frustrations carry you and other times it's better to walk away.

So tell me dear people how can you tell when you need to hold fast and when you should walk away?

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