August 4, 2010

Why I create

Funny how it is when we hear someone ask this question we all delve deep within our memories to find an answer. Of course when I speak of we, I do typically mean me, but you Dear People are free to associate yourself with the “we” parts. And now on with the post…Search the memory banks for why, just why do we. Maybe you have a quick answer, but I don’t. See I just don’t know why I do it. Excuse me while I try and figure it out, let’s see

I get satisfaction from creating a balance, adding beauty to counteract the non-beautiful things of the world. A sort of inner peace comes from that. I love color, enjoy lines, shapes, texture and words that make us see instance images in our minds. Hum, how can we leave out sounds, smells and tastes? You know that could be an opportunity to make some sort of interactive scratch and sniff / taste, musical mixed piece. Let me know if you come up with something, because the tasting part keeps eluding me. I mean we don’t want to lick something after some stranger has done it. Do we?

Hum, procrastination at its best. Do you see it? I jumped away from trying to find out why I create into thinking about what to create. Not to get religious on you, but I really do believe that has the most power over our motives. We were created and therefore we have to create. Not as competition, although for some I’m sure it is, but because we hope to find some sort of answer for our own creation by creating. And that Dear People is the paradox. An irony of which came first the chicken or the egg…the chicken did of course, all things were first created mature and fully grown; wherein they were left to procreate.

I create art because I have been blessed to do so and that makes me happy.

And now that you have thought about the question for a minute or two;

Why do you create?

Yeah exactly, me too. Imitation is the greatest form of compliment ya know.


Bonnie in SC said...

When I first saw this post I thought oh boy she's going to do something with that stencil (I love stencils). But wait, don't I have that stencil? Why yes, I think I do. So off I went to find that stencil. I mean I looked high and low. Argg, I KNOW that stencil is here somewhere. Tada, finally I found it. And it will do nicely on my current page. Ok, back to the question, lol. I create because I have to. I have so many ideas rambling inside my head that IF I didn't get them out I think my head would explode. Of course that wouldn't happen really but literally I might go insane, lol.
What did you make with that stencil is what I want to know... :)

Jamie Lynn said...

Yes exactly, have to create because the brain says to and my hands must follow or else they are punished with a good spanking.

Thanks for the comment. I think I'm liking the stencil :-)

I put used it on a canvas, but I'm not liking it, so for now it's just a WIP or maybe a test canvas.

Now be sure to keep on art'ing, cause we don't want a workspace covered in brain matter do we.

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