October 6, 2010

Ahhh, copper chipboard

This week's challenge from Art-it does a body good, was to use blue and copper and chipboard (cereal box) hum what to do?

I started with a gessoed page, I painted on the copper, let it dry coated it with good old white glue then after a couple / few/ minutes added some navy blue (loving this color lately). When the paint dried followed by the glue it made a streaked grain. Not bad, but really I wanted more copper to show...credit card tech to the rescue.

We are actually having an autumn here, 50 degrees F. at night and not over 80 during the day-amazing. I took a turn around the yard looking for inspiration and found it. I keep looking up but then I heard a pop-crunch and laying there at my feet I found it. Our only tree, an oak, sharing its yield of nuts for whom ever chooses to partake. I almost yelled out me, me I want it. I cut out an acorn shape onto a cracker box.

I added some cross hatching for the cap and a brushing of luscious copper. I adhered the acorns with tiny brads, they can be rotated out of the way to reveal stickers with positive affirmations.

I added some white on the opposite side to camouflage / hide some letter beads.

And this is the finished page

Yes, I'll be around soon if not sooner.


Kym said...

Oh that is a wonderful piece of art. Lots of elements that come together so beautifully. I love the acorns and everything else too!

Anonymous said...

WOW, sooo creative! Just love it! Julie

Baye said...

Wow! So nice. I'm here from 21 Secrets to see what others taking the lessons are up to.

Guess we'll get to talk in Lisa's discussions.

Melissa said...

Love these!!

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