October 13, 2010

Don't BE a Boob


Art-It does a body good, challenge for this week...Theme Mammogram - "In "honor" of our reluctance, we will take a challenge. We will explore our feelings about these misgivings in avoiding what we know we should do. The second element in the challenge - use something that represents what would be lost to cancer if early screenings weren't done to catch it early. Please tell, in your project description, what your focus was, what your symbols mean, anything you'd like to add. I encourage you to write about it on your page so you can look back on it."
I used acrylic paints, gesso, photo I took, gel ink, rubber stamp, tissue paper and a little attitude.

I did not take multiple photos of the process this time as I was in the zone. What zone you may wonder...I had a hell of a scare this year zone and I don't want you to go through that. Breast Cancer has touched me by way of Co-worker, Aunt, Friend and a Dear Internet.

Get 'em done ladies and gentlemen. Yes men can get breast cancer too...do y'all know what that means? Time for a manly examine, check 'em both out HIS and HERS.

And remember what you fear to know may kill you
And I hope to see you soon.


Scrapacat said...

LOVE how you made light of this serious subject. Somehow, if you can bring a laugh to it, it's not so scary or painful. Thanks so much for playing my challenge with this delightful project!

Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

Love the jar art part!

One of my Navy wife friends lost her HUSBAND to breast cancer. Yes, Virginias, it does happen. I will happily feel your guys' boobs to check for lumps if you are squeamish.

Note: a mammogram hurts (if at all) only a teensy tiny fraction of how much breast cancer hurts in a multitude of ways.

And DO NOT SKIP A YEAR, despite what anyone tells you. Public health facilities sometimes offer them at low or no-cost, if your healthcare won't pay.

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