December 14, 2010

Part Two

of the German Impressionist Exhibit MFA-Houston outing.

My art appreciation group had the chance to see the Dynasty and Divinity: Ife Art in Ancient Nigera.

This was very interesting and educational. These people, Ife (ee-fay) worked with a copper alloy. A metal known as hard to mold as it oxidizes very quickly when exposed to air. It is more or less summarized that they used the lost wax technique.

The detail work on the copper and terracotta heads is exceptional; a true must see to believe. I cannot imagine the amount of time and labor that must have been put into these pieces. Did I mention these were from the 9th - 15th centuries? Yeah, go see them in person.

In fact I believe that as artist we should visit our museums regularly, support those that help to support us. When was the last time you went?

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