August 11, 2011

Browsing in the A/C

So there we were on a Saturday, bored and needing someplace to go something to do. But not something or somewhere out in the heat. We needed to be indoors. Ah sweet beautiful Air Conditioning. We knew this because the night before (Friday) we stopped to look at some old cars around our courthouse and even though it was getting dark it was it was actually sweating super hot. We weren't there long, however we did spy a new shop and that is what popped up for something to do.
We got a bottle of water for the road and off we went to check out the new store: Mimi's on Main and here are my treasures

8 Anton Pieck Postcards

From Mimi's we headed over to Bret's Bargain Barn. As Bret says "Buck a Book at Bret's" and I found a couple that I thought would be good for collage and I found Map'age. Then I found this large tub of rubber stamps marked from $8.95 to .95 cents, but the tub had a sign that said $1.95. So I sat in a chair and rummaged through them. Pulled out several I liked and then did that second thought thing and tossed some back in the tub. I ended up 14 rubber stamps. Got up to the check out and Bam a Lam Bret charged me 95 cents each for the stamps.

Rubber Stamps

Bret's Buck a Book

And there ya have it a Hot Saturday spent browsing in the A/C. What kinds of treasure have you happened upon lately?


Judiwithaneye00 said...

Whoa, Jamie! Good job on the new treasures! I am thoroughly jelly of the buck a book store - especially the mapage ones! I am now following you!

Judi Foster

Jamie Lynn said...

Yea Jodi Foster...errr I do mean Judi of course <3

Thank you so much :-D

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