September 22, 2011

Love how...

this paper trick'age worked out for me. I don't know if y'all have seen iKerriLove work with tissue paper, but you should. Because of that and having received some of Rejoyce's background paper she used tissue paper on, inspired me to try and do ... are you getting the idea this gonna be about Tissue Paper?

If so then you are correct, right-ah-mundo. I did some homemade alcohol ink* spray'age on crumpled up white tissue paper. Like in an older post of mine here. But anyways for this pro ject (said JournalArtista Style)

crumpled tissue tossed in my dry dish pan / bucket thing

spritzed with homemade alcohol ink* (I used a purple and pink)

After it dried, I laid it flat and smoothed it out as much as I could without tearing. I did NOT iron it as I wanted the texture.

I then adhered it to plain white copy paper (like iKerriLove does) ONLY I mixed a bit of Iridescence medium into my glazing medium (glue). The Glazing Medium as opposed to Matte gives a glossy sheen. With this pro ject (JournalArtista voice) I have not had any stick'age. ps you can adhere it to colored paper for a slightly different look.

I then pulled a inkiwell, and used this fancy texture paper to cover some chip board and made a journal. I plan on using it for note keeping and such at the meetings of the Conroe Art League

*Homemade Alcohol Ink Video, by Jan Fox, can be found on the ArtJournaling dot NING dot com site that you should join if you are not already a member.

And there ya have it a post of Link Love and Tissue Paper "magic" Love how ... So what have you been doing?

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