October 6, 2011

LoL or Not

I just love it when I get all involved in painting, don't you. You know getting all caught up in the zone so focused on what you are working on nothing and I mean nothing else matters. Ok so almost nothing...one does remember to drink maybe not eat but the water is there and that of course...well ya know. Back to the point in hand since last Thursday I have finished my big painting, except for the varnish and am looking forward to hanging it in our living room.

Title: The Marrow
@Blade the Artist helped with the name... he described the under painting as Sticks & Stones

Here is a wonky view

And below is the initial under painting

Meanwhile my interest in the bubbles/circles piece was rekindled and I have been adding color layer after layer. I won't tell you what the "surprise" will be with this one. But y'all know my love of all things texture so let me say it will be a bit bumpy.

WiP (work in pro gress & What's on my Easel)

and sorry if y'all are getting tired of seeing these same old ones only slightly different.

End of today's transmission...

Happy Arting y'all

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