December 15, 2011

Exciting News

Lookie what I got

An Original hand carved Goof Ball by Tiger Claus Carvings! LOVE this little guy. I won him from Barb of Creating Faces fame. I entered in a Name It Contest, to help name a newly carved fella who put his head where the sun don't shine, if ya catch my drift. He is now known as Hello? Hello? I Can't hear you!! cause you need a "nice" name on Etsy. Which y'all should drop by to see the really neat things over there. Just Saying.

Thank you so much Barb & Tiger!

I know some of y'all have already heard about this but I'm going to mention it any way. I love this idea from Darcy and I hope to be able to play along {cross fingers that I can}. It's a Postcard challenge for 2012 and well Darcy explains it best over here at Art and Sole.

OMG peoples between Darcy and Inkiwell's 2012 IdeaCollector Pro ject I see I'm gonna be one busy busier gal over the next year. BTW I have my folders folded.

So what are your plans for Arting Along to next year?

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