January 30, 2012

Book of Days Update

I have not posted much on this page of my blog about the Book of Days with Effy Wild which is also know as The Sisterhood of The Book on FB {but you must join the group to see 'em all} I
I know this is a challenge to journal & art everyday, but I'm going at my own pace. 

I do not view this as being "behind"... my days are at a pace that works for me {insert grin here}.
1-14 through 1-16; a lesson of sorts but more like a epiphany while reading a book title The 12 Steps to Healing; it talks of the void, a vast emptiness and that appears to be nothing but in reality it is Everything = all possibilities exist there. Hence this layout. Sure I could have decorated up the black under the flap, but then it would not be as full.

Jan 17 through 19 Challenge do something with collage. Okay & Doh kay says I.

Please note spelling does not count in my BoD

Now go to your work spaces and make some Art'age y'all.


Sunshineshelle said...

Bold & Chunky - love it!

Jo C. said...

Loving BoD too! Your infinite possibilities spread made me laugh as I have a spread that says almost the same thing :) Lovely work.

Jamie Lynn said...

Thanks y'all <3

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