January 25, 2012

For Me

Ok, so some of y’all know my Dad was diagnosed with cancer back in November and was put in hospice care right away. It’s been a time, how else can I put it? I am thankful to have been able to say and do what I needed and wanted to … lucky even.

I have wondered why it meant something to me for people to know…  I mean I truly don’t want people to “feel” sorry for me or for him either. Death is a part of life; are we not all born dying?

I am sad but I think I’m doing okay and even learning on a spiritual level. I have seen the joy of homecoming {yes in a “vision” sort of way} the Rejoicing that the Angels do, the unconditional love of being received in the open arms of Jesus. My faith is more than a belief - I know, but because I am human in a human form I can't help but feel the grief.

Now on to another reason why I’m sharing this non-art related post…my Dad went home on Friday January 20. I share this not so that you will “feel” sorry for me but rather to acknowledge that my Dad did indeed exist in a physical form. He chose to be cremated and not to have a service, which I understand because funerals are for the living anyway … yet not having that traditional form of transition (for me) has been , well I think it has left me feeling up in the air, like something is missing.

And because I think I figured it out (for me) I write and post this as my way of formally saying

                Jimmy Cantrell lived and has now gone home. Let’s celebrate his homecoming by acknowledging him not only to his family but to the world. Each time his name is spoken, written or thought of, it will raise his spirit higher to God.

Thank you all for reading this, for the prayers of comfort and hopefully for an understanding you receive on a spiritual level that death is only the beginning of a new adventure. 

Jimmy Cantrell


Kerri Love said...

That was a lovely post Jamie, thanks for sharing your Dad's smile with us. He looks like a man who had love in his life and will live in love now. Love to you and those around you <3

inki said...

Much love, understanding and prayer for you, Jamie. Praying your faith be strong and your hopes well held.

DarcieGlam said...

Thanks Jamie for sharing your dad with us. I miss mine every day and I hope you find comfort in knowing you will see him again someday. I am sure that he is very proud of the woman you have become and you are carrying on a lovely legacy. Hugs, DarcieGlam

Margaret said...

Beautiful tribute to your Dad Jamie. Sending you hugs and prayers Mx

Judiwithaneye00 said...

Your tribute was beautiful. I am so sorry for your pain. His is over. Try to find some comfort in that. I wish I could give you a big, real hug.

Judi Foster

Deb_In_PA said...

(((JAMIE))) I know I already told you this, but here it is again... Things don't get better, we just learn to deal with it differently. I will always miss my mom, but I deal with it differently every single day. You will always miss your dad, but it is a comfort to know that YES Jimmy Cantrell lived and has now gone home. Many Hugs & TONS of love, Deb_In_PA

Minxy said...

We all deal with loss in our own ways, but rarely know how to deal with other peoples loss, just know my thoughts are with you, your post was a beautiful tribute to your dear Dad xx sending love xx

Jeannette said...

Jamie, when I read your post, I was so moved by your faith and your expression of it. I am in perfect agreement and only pray that you will continue to be a shinning light in this life! His love continue to cover you. Jeannette Jones - UStream friend

Kathy Hunt said...

Jamie, you have introduced us to your father so beautifully! I am very glad to have met you, Jimmy Cantrell. Wrap your heavenly arms around your daughter and give her a hug from me, too.

barb said...

Dear Sweet Jamie,
Thank you for sharing you dad with the world. It's important for all of us to know of his life and how much he meant to his amazing daughter. Sending you love and a big hug.
Barb Owen

MB said...

tears in my eyes Jaimie... a sublime sharing of your love your dad, and yourself
Peace Be With You,

Lorri Lennox said...

Dear Jamie, I'm sending you giant hugs to help ease your sorrow. A parents departure is a sorrow that I personally found grows somewhat before it dissipates. Even then there are moments where it can feel oh so consuming. My Dearly departed Mum didn't want a 'service' either - her philosophy was why have some stranger talk about me at a funeral, when they didn't even know me! We had a celebration of her life, at home - quietly with close friends and family. It was beautiful and we filled our home with her fave flowers - yellow roses.
Dear Jamie, My heart is going out to you as I understand the grief you will be experiencing. Your post was beautifully written, and I can see your faith throughout it. What a beautiful happy face your Dad has. May you feel blessed by his spiritual presence and feel his love around you.
((gentle hugs)) xxx Lorri (Artivity)

Anonymous said...

That was a beautiful tribute to your father. May our prayers lift him and you, higher

serendipity said...

I love your cards, I've just trawled back through to Austria. Your story is intriguing, and I really like all the different techniques you are using each week. Looking forward to seeing what happens

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