January 5, 2012


you made it! Me too!

So far this year I’ve put together some beaded Do – Hickies for a friend. Thought about and worked up a little background for my Darcy Postcard characters. Sorta did a “release” letter for my BoD (Book of Days) really it turned into a poem and it feels good.
I have had an image of sorts pop in and out my head for a painting. When it becomes clear I’ll sketch at it and start. I wonder if it will be a big one or little one, ehh maybe it could even be medium.
I know I don’t have much to share and it seems (feels like to me) I’m just rambling to hear myself to type.

Aw well…Look at this

Happy Arting y’all


Dee said...

Love your charms they are gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the start of your postcard challenge.

Jamie Lynn said...

Thanks Dee <3 my Postcards are on the page titled Journey- journal up top'ish


Claire said...

How lovely like a rainbow of gems. Love your postcard and characters. I can't wait to see how the story develops
Claire xx

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