March 1, 2012

What's on MY Easel

A Segment brought to us by Blade the Artistic Artist

My newly Finished Mixed Media Piece

 Gustav and Adele

It was inspired by ArteDar, Barb Owen and the person who sent the Klimt napkin to Inkiwell who shared an extra one with me.

And on further note’age, Inkiwell has a Pro ject Collector Challenge this year and this piece can be identified as being from the February Week 1- Gathering. My Muse is delighted to be engaged by such great artistic peoples.  Thank you

BTW - I NEED to know who the Klimt napkin was originally from so that I may give you adequate credit ...

Happy Arting y’all


Elizabeth said...

I LOVE that napkin! And I like the dimensionality of the piece, too. I would love to see it in person.

Jamie Lynn said...

Thank you Elizabeth, your comment means a lot to me <3

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