May 7, 2012

Face #7

Ack! Someone {points finger at self} forgot to photograph the pencil drawing. Today's Face is made up from thin air ... any resemblance to any real persons alive or deceased would be weird not to mention a complete and utter co-rinky-dink.

4 1/2 " x 6"

drawn with graphite, painted with acrylic with touches of watercolor

Happy Art'in Y'all


Darcy said...

she's great, I really like the shape of her lips and the shading in her hair.

Jenny said...

Love it Jamie Lynn... you made me smile... and yes... she is gorgeous...

Jenny x

Jamie Lynn said...

Thank you Ladies, your encouragement means a lot helps to keep my pencils sharp.

Lesley said...

Trying to do a catch up on some blogs. Your sketches are really coming along. I know the male face is a little tougher.
I love this face, she looks a little oriental.
As I have learned each day is a new adventure,and, loving it.

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