June 22, 2012


Week #25 has taken us to Australia, a Country very similar in weather to my dear state of Texas. For a place that started out as home to cast off criminals and such it has grown into an awesome place of culture. I wanted to try to pay homage to native Aborigine Arts and the land.

From Allen to Liz: Acrylic Paint, Gel Pens, Stenciled Letters & some rubber stamped

And it reads…

Dear Liz

You are kind and sweet in regards to my heart. I believe I have put a hinge on it and turned it into a regular screen door.  Yes Matisse, an interesting artist, your Woman is Emerging from the Wall. As all women do, in time becoming themselves in spite of all their effort to be otherwise. Beauty will radiate from their words and actions, grace and humor fall from their hands Or not. Summer has hit hard, the heat rises as does the humidity. Rain refuses to fall even though the thunder bellows for release.

All my best


too much of Il vino é is making me wax poetic

Thanks to the talented Darcy of Art & Sole for bringing us this World Traveling Challenge of 52 Postcards. Please drop by and check out the amazing work of all my fellow travelers.

Happy Art’ing Y’all


abby j said...

Nicely done, JL...great Australian representation!!


Janet said...

Fab postcard. The colours are perfect. Humidity is not a problem in most places except Queensland, my memories are just pure dry red hot heat.

Janet xx

craftattack said...

Great card! Valerie

Fotojoy/Joyce said...

Nice card love the colors- So you're from Tx? Sis lived there for6 years...

Darcy said...

great card, love the Roo, shading is great. It would make a great stamp, try carving it in rubber.

mags21 said...

a great postcard. love all the colours you have used.

Jen said...

Like the lyrical waxing! and the postcard is great.
Jen x

Gina said...

Very good! Love the romantic wine coated words :D XXX

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