September 28, 2012

Czech Republic

What! Time crunch – so umm yeah went with Alphonse Mucha – copy’age for #39 outta 52 Postcard challenge as hosted by the Fan-Tab-Ulous Darcy of Art & Sole…and here we go 

From Allen to Liz – graphite drawn, acrylic paint, color pencil & a teeny bling ring

 And it reads

Dear Liz,

Please reply to my post. I am becoming more worried each passing day without word from you. Especially since RH is telling me nothing of you and has “No comment.” What does that mean? Has something happened is there anything, anything at all I can do?

Sincerely Allen

Interesting…what does it mean indeed. Please be sure to stop by and check out all my fellow World Travelers

AND, this is Face #26 for the 29 Faces in September hosted by Ayala, don’t forget to visit those dear Face Makers.

how she looked drawn

Happy Art’ing Y’all

I thought this was a super cool angle


abby j said...

Great drawing, Jamie Lynn!!

craftattack said...

Love your drawing, great work! Valerie

Janet said...

Super face, just perfect.

Janet xx

Ayala Art said...

Lovely face, and kind of mysterious~

mags21 said...

wow what a great drawing. My favourite so far. brilliant.

Kaylene said...

Wonderful drawing. Cheers

Jen said...

Fabulous face.
Jen x

Darcy said...

ooo intriguing...great portrait.

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