October 26, 2012

43 is for Finland

Yep it’s that time again … ON TIME that is, with this week’s postcard … part of the Lovely Darcy’s Art & Sole 52 Postcard Challenge. I don’t  know nutN bout the Finish peoples or country or stuffs so I searched the o’google and found this really cool monument dedicated to composer Jean Silbelius. And bam a lam ding ah ling - I instantly knew it was for me. I am happy with the way it turned out

From Liz to Allen: Acrylic paint, Corrugate & some embossing

It reads

Dear Allen,

Does the heart grow fonder?

Yours truly

Ha ha Liz has turned up! Playing him I wonder?

Please be sure to drop by Art & Sole to visit with my amazing fellow World Travelers…I’m excited to see what they have done.

Happy Art’ing Y’all


abby j said...

Clever textural representation...fabulous JL!!

Janet said...

Lovely and unusual postcard this week.

Janet xx

mags21 said...

excellent postcard, different, love the texture and colours.

Gina said...

Gorgeous colour and texture!!...and I think we should award ourselves "On timer" badges :D....Only 9 weeks to go aaaarrrrrgh! :D XXX

Margaret said...

very clever!! love your texture and really stunning colour work, totally fab! M

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