October 5, 2012


I’m sure by this time y’all have read that other post(thank you). I am grateful for Art and how it takes me to another place … a place without worry, a place of freedom and safety.

Please go over and say Hey to dear Darcy of Art &Sole and be sure to check out all my fellow World Travelers. This week has taken us to Portugal and when I saw the many photos of Portugal and it’s hiking trails…well I Allen just had take a quiet walk …

From Allen to Liz: Watercolor, Color Pencils

And it says…

Dearest Liz,

Please, please write to me. I fear the worst. RH refuses my calls. I can only hope my post are getting to you.

With heartfelt concern
between a rock and a hard place

and there we go Postcard #40 outta 52. WoW can you believe only 12 more weeks of this year! ummm yeah, me neither.

Happy Art’ing Y’all


abby j said...

A rock and a hard place indeed. Your postcard reflects your sentiments beautifully!! :)

craftattack said...

Lovely card! I can't believe the year is three quarters over either! Valerie

mags21 said...

a nice card, i was walking in area like that, last week but not in Portugal in England. A very good drawing,,another year is nearly over,scary!

Janet said...

Great sketch. I have been in such a place in the past, thankfully not now!

Janet xx

Kelly M. Myers said...

I learned something about myself this morning...maybe it seems strange to type it here...but when I looked at your card I was reminded of my thoughts...it's that I love the rawness of things...and this card reminds me of just that. What is more raw than a rock? Very sweet :)

Margaret said...

Love your sketch, and yes only 12 weeks, when did that happen? what a great trip we're having, all sort of discoveries to be had. M

Jamie Lynn said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments, they are a blessing to me!

Jen said...

Love the drawing. Thinking of you and will remember you both in my prayers
hugs Jen x

Gina said...

I have been trying not to count how many weeks left...cos that means it is nearly christmas again!!!
Missed your post about hubby, hope you are both feeling well at this time.
Love the "rock and a hard place" card :) XXX

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