October 11, 2012


Our oncologist, Dr. Wang (pronounced Wong), has put Johnny on another round of “regular” chemo and is leaving it up to the Transplant Dr. (Jones) as to when to actually begin the SCT (Stem Cell Transplant). Because Johnny’s liver enzymes went up a bit, due to the pain meds he has been on as a result of nerve damage/pain from the Shingles. He had a pain block done on Oct. 12th, and his pain is better, “bearable” as he puts it. Improved but NOT gone {le sigh}

Thank you to those that have been able to spare some financial assistance with us. I know and understand the hardships so many are having at this time not to mention the upcoming holiday concerns most are having. 

Thank you to all y’all for your kind prayers, hope and love, it makes this walk easier to walk.


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