November 9, 2012


Beautiful tiny country, full of excitement…racing, gambling, sculptures. . . What? You didn’t know about the ton’age of sculptures. Yep the Sovereign Prince likes it, so scattered about town are these beauties. In the Fontvieille district several sculptures reside. I actually drew and painted 3 of them, but alas I didn’t like ‘em all scrunched up together on my card, so I picked just one…

From Allen to Liz: Acrylic paint (it looks better in RL)

And it reads:

My dearest Liz

Why do you not write? It has been weeks. I can only presume you are in some far away country that has no postal service or it is very slow. Please write when you get a chance and put my tortured mind at peace.

 With great concern

 And I suppose dear ol’Liz has disappeared A G A I N. My thanks to dear Darcy of Art & Sole for all her hard work this past weekend and still keeping up with all this other stuff. Please drop by and say “Hey girl” to Darcy and check out all my fellow World Travelers while you’re there.

Happy Art’ing Y’all


Janet said...

Good research - I did not know about all the sculptures dotted about the principality. Great postcard.

Janet xx

mags21 said...

I agree with Janet great excellent postcard to..

abby j said...

Me three...didn't come across this in my research...nice thing to know and beautiful representation of it!!

Margaret said...

Really like what you came up with, great inspiration. I love your card, the colours are wonderful.

Gina said...

Me thinks Liz is leading a double life :S Fabulous card, that sculpture looks amazing! :D XXX

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