November 2, 2012


Ta Dah I call on time. What a beautiful country Slovenia is! It has now been put on my Must Visit List. Thanks Dearest Darcy of Art & Sole for flying me there. I found Lake Bled and it’s magical mystical miraculous wish Bell. Forgive the upcoming pun {intended}. As it turns out this location had the perfect tone for Allen, in a manner of speaking I bet it rings true for Liz as well. Well onward and upward.

From Allen to Liz: Graphite, Acrylic paint, background spray paint – bronze, nickel, clear glitter paint & bright yellow (really there is bright yellow on it & it was sprayed last!).

And it reads…

Sweet Liz, my dearest Liz

I cannot tell you how much I have missed your words. Missed You! I am so relieved to hear from you, relieved that you are alive.

If only I could let myself be free. Free from my own mangled chains …

I could easily fall.


Ringing the bell – Lake Bled, Slovenia

I want to send out a huge Thank You to Juriaan, for his recent lesson on drawing the Hand(s). I am pleased with the way mine came out. In a way you could say they Ring my Bell. (yeah, like y’all didn’t see that one coming)

Happy Art’ing Y’all


Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

mags21 said...

I really do love that postcard, so different you can almost touch those hands..interesting story..

abby j said...

Got it JL...ringing the bell,,,love the symbolism and your drawing!!

Janet said...

Super postcard and I agree your hands are beautifully drawn. A very romantic place, hope his wishes come true.

Janet xx

Jen said...

As a non drawing person I am in awe of you postcard. The hands are great. Nice tone to your post!
Jen x

Jamie Lynn said...

Thanks Y'all <3


Gina said...

Fabulous perspective on your hands, I want to help pulling the rope :D XXX

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