December 12, 2012

2012 Folder List

2012 Idea Collection Folders as brought to us by InkWell

Each month has a general Theme, within the pockets of the folded folder we can keep the ideas and inspiration on: index cards, postcards, tags, sticky note’ages, pieces of paper etc. etc. Be creative this is YOUR Idea Collection – there is NO right NO wrong about it. At the end of the year we will assemble the 12 folders into a book. Foooooor Reals this can happen…But only you can make it happen for yourself!

Jan – Discovery :
            Style, Technique, Colors, Purpose

Feb – Curiosity :
            Gathering, Exploring, Observing, Letting Go

March – ReNew :
            Organize, Outside, order, Overhaul

April – Knowledge :
            Observe, Learn, Share, Action

May – Lazy : 2 folder month  One for ME & One for THEE
            Who, What, Where, Why

June – Accomplish:
            Past, Present, Future

July – Rabbit Trail:
            WWW, TV, Book, Life

August – Dreams: If I could
            DO anything ____ (fill in the blank)
            BE anything ____ (fill in the blank)
            HAVE anything ___ (fill in the blank)
            GIVE anything ___ (fill in the blank)

September – How do we stop our Creativity
October – Important to “ME” in my
            Personal life
            Family life
            Community life
            World life
This month also has a secondary category to consider when thinking of the 4 life’s above – The Who / What / When / How they are important to you and your Art’ing

November – Looking Ahead 2013

            Week 1 – Jan, Feb, March
            Week 2 – April, May, June
            Week 3 – July, August, Sept
            Week 4 – Oct, Nov, Dec

December – Holiday / Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanza / Festivus
                        Keep you list, receipts, gift ideas, decorating ideas ect.

Thank you Dede for all that you do for us. Be sure to tune in for the 2013 Alphabetica Box

tune into to Coffee & Art in the Morning UStreams 

Three D’s Retreat folder list done by the lovely Myrta can be found here

Happy Art’ing Y’alls


cookievf said...

Thank you for doing this!!
- Vicki C xo

Jamie Lynn said...

CookNVicki xoxo

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