December 9, 2012

and IT is

Festivus! Everyone’s favorite Holiday! On some day between December and May’ish. This year we are not doing Christmas – Yep no gifts – only an Airing of Grievances and maybe a bit of Feats of Strength, for sure a meal Hot Wings maybe. 

I wanted our Festivus Pole to fit in The Tin Palace and that required me to make one. Yes indeed a table top rendition. I used these things

A paper towel tube, some border stripes, silver duct tape, yes indeed easy peasy if you pleases.

Well I glued on the border stripes in the hopes to put a raised design of sort on the finished pole, but it didn’t work so well as the design really can’t be seen. I taped my pole to the top of a medicine bottle lid, it seems to work well. 

I think IF I were to do another one or offer advice to others I would suggest: use heavy card stock with your elements underneath, covered with aluminum foil that has been rubbed around the elements. Then roll that up into a tube that has some sort of “stand”.

And with that I’m calling this Festivus Pole finished and done and wishing y’all that a Happy Merry Festivus for the rest of us!

Oh and Happy Art’ing Y’all

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