December 28, 2012


Yep we did it we made it all the way to Postcard #52 of Darcy’s Art & Sole 52 Postcard Challenge. What a journey it has been, some on time some late, some pretty cool, some not so much but all were  fun nonetheless. Please go by and say farewell to all my fellow World Travelers.

Thanks to all of y’all that have been with me through out this year of virtual travels an ups & downs in RL. I appreciate all your love and comments not to mention (but I will) all your lovely prayers and positive vibrations, thank you so very much.

HUGE THANK YOU TO DARCY - for putting on such a good show and for always being on time.

Ok here we go the finale #52 to Mexico: background scrapbook paper with light gesso layer, fussy cut critters collaged, drawn & painted Frida Kahlo

It reads:


All is fantastic! A world open with butterflies, rainbows and the truth that can only be the sweetest of all loves

All our best Liz & Allen

And there we have it, a happy ending! Y’all really didn’t expect it to be any other way - right? Of course you didn’t. Bon Voyage’ and if I haven’t said already

! Be Safe Be Happy and Be Strong !

Happy Art’ing Y’all


Janet said...

Wonderful postcard, such an iconic subject and a fabulous painting. So pleased to have journeyed with you.

Janet xx

mags21 said...

another great postcard..its been great traveling with you this year.
well done for finishing the challenge..
best wishes for the coming year. xx

Gina said...

Aaaaaaw! so glad they finally got together...I feel all smiley inside :D
Fabulous Frida! The hand drwn image works wonderfully against the collage. Well done for reaching the end of a challenge that many gave up on long ago, have enjoyed your company on the journey :D XXX

Deanna Schrayer said...

Hi Paige! I feel terrible that I missed what sounds like a fun challenge, but even worse that I didn't even know about your husband's chemo and all related. I've been away for several months (basically my entire life has changed) but I look forward to catching up with everyone.

I hope that all is going well and that you and your husband are relaxing peacefully together. I wish you all the best for a blessed and happy new year!

Jen said...

Great postcard, well done for making it to the end. All the best for 2013.
Jen x

Darcy said...

gorgeous card, thankyou for playing along, making great art and always making me smile. x

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