February 1, 2013

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Go in on Tuesday (2-5) for admitting tests, to be admitted Tuesday evening. They will “plump” him up with fluids and start him on three different Chemo Meds Wednesday morning. He will have daily Chemo for five to six days. Then that will be followed by one to two days off, but still in the hospital. He will then receive his own Stem Cells back and stay in the hospital two to three more weeks. IF all goes well, and WE KNOW it will, he will get to come back to The Tin Palace for a while and have daily blood test (of course). From there we will see.

Liver biopsy was fine, just “fatty” At the time of the biopsy his enzymes were down and today they are back up. Crazy don’t know why. Maybe one of his diabetes meds, they don’t know.

They changed out his Big CVC for a smaller one and that is looking fine ^ see above ^. I do the “flush” daily & changing of the Caps No big deal as there are NO needles involved. I have not done the demonstration of the Dressing Change as it has many steps and I don’t feel confident with it YET. And hey they will be doing all that when he’s in the hospital anyway.

Johnny is feeling pretty good about all this mentally and emotionally. His spirits are high and he  expects the best possible outcome. Physically he does get tired and of course once the heavy chemo starts he may have side effects - loss of hair, weight and appetite y’all know the usual. However one of the meds can cause seizures so he will be put on an anti-seizure med for that. And there is a probable chance of a skin rash Dr. Jones described it as “a bad sunburn.

That’s it for now, I will update as news comes and the internets around here allow. Please continue all your prayers. We are grateful for all that y’all do.


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