February 13, 2013

From the hospital

Well here we are Week 1

Aw, bored already

Getting Plumped up

The chemo portion is finished, his born with cells are being whipped out – think POW right in the bone marrow! Johnny’s new “Birthdate” and time is almost here. It will come in the bags that contain his own harvested Stem Cells.

Caution y'all

Marla a super & duper RN piping in the Chemo

Johnny’s white count is dropping as expected from the chemo. His is spirits are high and his apatite is dwindling (again as expected). Up till now I’ve been able to get him walking our floor, 17, about an hour a day, which they say is good.

My job as “care giver” is to remind him to rinse his mouth about every 15-20 minutes (soda & peroxide to cut down on infection from**), to use the spirometer often (to keep the lungs clear) and to motivate him to walk at least 3 times a day.

Stem Cell Transplant Dr. Konopleva & the C-Diff Research Team

So far he is without **mouth, throat & intestine soreness, which is awesome! All of Johnny’s existing hair is still intact.

I know I’m a bit behind on my posting.

Please please continue the prayers, your voices are raised and they are heard. 

I would like to ask y’all to pray for peace and comfort for ArtMom (BladeTheArtist’s wife) her Daddy passed.

Thanks again y'all


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