June 29, 2013

Mail Art

With correspondence: assignment for the PennState online art class last week. My piece titled “To make it so”



Inside with Insert

My peer evaluation was pretty good and I am grateful for that.

The next assignment was about Photography and how it has evolved into a recognized Art form. One of my favorite Art Photographer is Cindy Sherman, just saying. Any who, time was a bit tight and choppy this week so I was unable to do the art assignment.

Upcoming is my Art Installation - unhuh I did one you'll see it soon.

Medical Update: the chemo (shots twice a week)  is affecting Johnny harder this time, he is really tired. And the Dex taken on Saturdays, as usual plays havoc with his sugar, that in and of itself can wear a person out. Spirits are high, we were able to together with a couple of friends, it was nice.

Happy Art’ing Y’all


Molly said...

Enjoyed your blog! My 16 year old just finished 5 and half years of chemo for Leukemia. Dex was one of the hardest parts! I am praying for you guys and hoping that your art will be the healing and stress relieving agent that it has been for me:) Love to al!

Jamie Lynn said...

Thanks so much Molly <3

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