August 31, 2013


Raindrops. My friend, Rejoyce, got this really cool RAK and I loved the raindrop stamp she received (among many things) and thought hey that’s nice and simple I can do that. And I drug out my regular pink speed ball stuff and carving set. 
I did a raindrop and thought Hey why not try a dragonfly. I like dragonflies ya know. . . so yeah. Then from the bit that was left I just ran my carving tool over it and in my head I heard “that looks like tree bark, no it looks like a tree!” 

And I’m happy so I stamped my new pretties on a Gelli plate Delli wrap clean up pull and now I’m showing off to y’all.

Happy Art’ing Y’all

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Carole said...

So first thanks for joining my blog and commenting. You mentioned Dar sent you. She's my cousin and an amazing artist too! I've named her "Heart wide Open" because she's such a sweetheart. Do you know her through blogging or personally?

So I've been snooping around your blog and I'm amazed at your carving those stamps. Very nimble fingers.Your drawings show emotion...very nice and I love Just Peachy. I've joined and look forward to see more of your post. Be well and I'm picturing you and your husband well and thriving.

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