September 7, 2013

# 5

Was drawn on the 5th, I started painting her then but didn’t finish till today. Thanks to the ladies in the ScrappyCamperSisters UStream, by picking her eye color, bra color, shirt colors…I would say and hair color but that didn’t work out so well. Jean picked White (platinum blond) I tried but it looked like carp, at least the way I did it {insert sad face}

Also I drew yesterday’s face #6 during the first part of the stream, as we were downtown all day yesterday for Dr. visits. BTW they went ok, nothing new to report.

And today’s face #7, again drawn during the stream. LoL those ScrappyCamperSisters stream a looooooooooong time. And speaking for myself that is not a bad deal.

So um yeah 

ps they are still on, as I type & post this

Happy Art’ing Y’all


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