September 24, 2013


Cancer count down to point zero 8 from point zero 9. . . not much but still down. More Chemo. We saw a Dr. Weber as our dear Dr. Wang was out sick so please pray for him as well. The PA was able to get us scheduled for Valcade two shots before insurance runs out. Still no confirmation if coverage will continue {but I'm sure it will}

and that's it

The family reunion was super fun, visiting and laughing my butt off.

some of us took a walk along the Guadalupe River (New Braunfels) dear Aunt Juanita (83) found an Angel Dime and I was so happy, it was a very special moment.

Here is the PRIME story About ME

we all went out to eat at a local restaurant Pat's Place. Typically I don't drink but I thought hey I'll have a beer. Now I was sitting next to cousin Allen (head of the table not the family LoL) and Johnny, Allen's wife Stella sat across from me. Allen order a Bud, I ordered Draft. Talking, talking, laughing, lies fish stories (but not about fish) going around and back and forth, y'all get the picture.

Waitress brings the drinks she sat down my water and mug of beer, she then sat down Allen's bottle of Bud. I picked up the mug and had a sip, sat it down

and Allen says, "I'll buy you beer if you want."
I said, "ok" and smiled, y'all know how I am. So next thing ya know he slyly schooched his hand over and turned the mug handle and moved my beer in front of him. Hum, what is he up too I thought

and then he lifted it up and took a swig. LoL What?

I said, "So can you taste the difference?" Allen mutted, "what, huh?"  I kindly took my mug back, Allen got a surprised look on his face and his wife, Stella, started laughing. Told him it was my beer and he was all like no, it's mine.

By now I'm laughing, and in fact the whole table is laughing. Poor Allen, was a tad, just a tad, embarrassed. He thought the bottle and the mug were both his and that I had sipped his beer, hence the offer to buy me one.

I may not have told this story very well but believe me it was so laughing out loud complete with rolling on the floor.

there ya go

y'alls continued prayers and positive thoughts and vibes are so very much appreciated - Thank You, Thank You, Thank You



Carol B. said...

Will keep up the positive thoughts and prayers.
I can imagine the hilarity of the beer mix-up. Sounds like my family, lots of laughs.

DarcieGlam said...

Oooh Johnny needs to get tested again. With all that laughter I am sure his count went down another point!Glad it was such a wonderful time.

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