October 2, 2013

My dearest friends

I cannot express the overwhelming warmth and delight at receiving such a bountiful harvest of Happy Mail. It took me a full thirty minutes to get over my “allergies” to leave the parking lot of the post office.
One envelope, I expected and was so very pleased to get, I was and am blessed to be a drawling winner. This alone is fantastic {insert a carp load of hearts}
To have a large envelope full of ART’ing treasure, it made my hands shake. The poor PostLady was quizzical so I showed her the contents, “Oh, it’s your birthday!” I shook my head and managed to get out the words, “No, I just know some of the most amazing people who lift me up.” Then I handed her the slip that said I had a package, and told her I could not imagine what it was cause I was not expecting anything. . .
She brought out this box, I asked if she had a minute to share with me as I opened it. . . because well just because. . . and inside was the final straw… the allergy attack was under full bloom.
I managed to get myself and all my bounty to the truck… and may I say there were not near enough Kleenex in it.
once I was on my way the poem that had been rolling around in my head finally decided to get it self together and this I offer to y’all with deepest gratitude, not just because of the material treasures but because of the emotional support, love, prayers, friendship, love, companionship, laughter, love that YOU ALL give to me daily; even if we do not interact together daily, Now if y'all will excuse me I must go nurse this crazy allergy a bit longer.

xoxoxo  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You  I LOVE Y'ALL TOO

There is a poem in my heart

Sometimes I cry

At the majesty that is you, God
In the sky full of sun and stars
The very air that fills me

Sometimes I cry

Because I can feel the Earth move
I know the mercy of you, God
And I am lifted up to meet grace

Sometimes I cry

At the sound that is you, God
Birds sing of your love and glory,
In the tree tops, whose very leaves chime

Sometimes I cry

Because I know hope as sure as
I know the hug of a friend
And the hand of faith that is in mine, God

Sometimes I cry

At the knowledge that is you, God
Rivers that flow with tears of joy
On the very ground beneath my feet

Sometimes I cry

Because I see the butterflies
That surround me, and I know them, God
As Earth Angels beside me

Sometime I cry

At the knowing that is you, God
When an unworthy such as me, is made worthy
As one, and I am included

Sometimes I cry

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ArteDar said...

Oh My Heart! JAMIE JAMIE JAMIE!! This is so magnificent, truly. I just had to cut, paste and copy this for my book of quotes so I can see it and read it often. You know, I adore you and hope I make you feel as loved as you make me feel. Bless you and Angels surround you with more comfort and support then I hope you will ever need. <3 Peace n' Love, Dar ox

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