October 20, 2013

Who needs

a new post?

                    .I do, I Do, I DO! lol

we did a little trip'age, saw family,


Mother Nature

more family

 more Friends

Father God

The weather was beautiful and being in nature was outstanding. We got home tired, tired and more tired but very happy. Have I mentioned how much we like our own bed? Well we do. Staying with family & friends is great but home is purdy doggone good too.

Honeymoon #10 was perfect'age

will see Dr. Wang in two weeks, this last course of Chemo is done (as of yesterday) and then we will see about those numbers. DeStressing was very good for Johnny please keep him lifted up in prayer and help us bring that C number down to zero point zero. Thank you for your love, support and prayers.  xoxo

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