November 14, 2013


I drew this little face recently, painted her and knew she was an Angel. Funny, I think I have drawn this face before (more or less). I seem to draw similar faces until I get them the way they really want to be, then I can move on. So at first you can see in the drawing she had no clothes on, but she had a hat.

I found some Dede paper that I thought would make a nice dress for her. I cut it to fit, used gel medium to stick down white tulle netting and added a fluffy piece to the skirting. Ribbon belt’age. I used balsa wood to pop up the heart, which I am very happy with the shape and color.

I found some Gelli printed deli wrap that I thought would look really cool as her wings. I glued the wrap to green cardstock cause I loved the bits of green peeking though. I die cut them out and then thought  . . . hey wouldn’t it be cool if she had a bit of metal going on. . . So I took silver duct tape stuck it onto white cardstock, die cut another set of wings and put them just behind the first set. Pretty, don’t know if y’all can see them but in RL , yeah – super.

Oh her hair, I didn’t like the painted hair so I glued on three different colors of crochet thread, kinda unusual but she likes it. Yes had to have some silver stars dancing in the sky. The canvas was one I had laying around it was a funky pink color with sienna colored gears gel embossed on (Yucky). I lightly gesso’ed and then washed a pretty bright blue over it. Yes like that, hit it with some gold – finger painterly style, yes this is her background.

Her name, as I was playing with the arrangement on the canvas I said, ‘Hum wonder what your name is?’ before I blinked my eyes the name Roberta popped in my head. ‘Really?’, I asked, that is an unusual name for me to think of and I heard “yes really” Ok, but it seems not so Angel’y a name. We humans are weird that way. I was telling this story to Johnny as we were pulling into the parking lot of What a Burger Sunday morning. . . we went inside and I noticed the young cashier’s name tag. Yep it was Roberta, lol confirmation. Later in the day we went to HEB for some real food’age and needles as I was talking to the pharmacist and noticed their business cards one of them had a last name of Virture. LoL if y’all don’t know Doreen Virtue is a Teacher / Speaker / Author of all things Angels. lol another confirmation.

Um, so yeah my Guardian Angel’s name is Roberta. She is full of Nurturing Love and Acceptance and all things Heavenly, just the things I need. God is good

Happy Art’ing Y’all

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