January 16, 2014


This project was inspired by CreativeJumpStart2014. . . using what ya have laying around the house / homemade tools. In this case I used an empty cardboard tube from a seal a meal and a lid with rubber bands wrapped around it among some other things I had in the studio. Here’s what I started with

Gelli Printing Plate, textured fun foam, cardboard tube, rubber banded lid, brayer, various craft paints (main theme Red / Gray) I also used a rubber comb thingy by Martha Stewart.

First layer the two reds brayered together, I used four different texture foam pieces and then pulled my print on white card stock.

Second layer gray brayered on then I used the rubber comb and pulled the print on the same piece of card.

Third Layer gold brayered on then used a piece of textured foam and pulled portions of the print on the same piece of card.

Note I cleaned my brayer onto another piece of white card; I call this process Brayering Off / Brayered Off.

Fourth layer black on the end of the cardboard tube dotted over the plate and I laid the same piece of card on and dabbed off the black circles – more or less trying not to pick up the other dried layers of paint.

Fifth layer I painted white gesso onto my rubber banded lid and stamped it around on the Gelli plate then pulled this print onto my Brayered Off card; like the fourth layer trying not to pick up the dried layers of paint.

My Gelli Plate was fairly layered up so I brayed on some more gold and did a cleanup pull. This would be my third piece of white card.

 Close Ups 

 The printed card

 The Brayered Off card

I had to redo my lid the rubber bands gave up (over used for a couple of years will do that) I didn't have various sizes of bands so I used twine, yarn, crochet thread and one rubber band.

The Clean Up card

I was pretty happy with my results, but what to do with these three pieces of card. Hum Red, Valentine’s Card. If y'all get a chance please say Hello to Nat.

Happy Art’ing Y’all


Jan T Baillie said...

Love the texture. Lucky recipient of the card!
Jan T

Nathalie Kalbach said...

wonderful card and fun usage of household items. Thank you for playing along in the Luminarte giveway and CJS2014

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