January 3, 2014

trying my hand at

the documented life project 2014. Where in you use a planner (calendar thingy book) for documenting things about your life - list - appointments - challenges - ideas - hopes - dreams - journaling, y'all know the usual whatever stuff.

And this is my planner. I paid $1 for it at the Walgreen's, the paper is very VERY thin. I put a thin coat of clear gesso on the calendar pages, added a white card stock flip out (tip in whatever ya want to call it) to each month, put a scrap book paper on each card stock for a pocket. Added hap hazard tabs they have a charm of sorts on 'em. So far I have actually written some notes. {Oh face} I used my hands as stamps and splatted them on the front and back covers using acrylic paint. I printed out my 2014 word phrase {same phrase repeatedly} punched 'em out with a circle punch and glued 'em down. I like it.

the planner has a plastic cover that I slipped off for decorating. I like that is has a cover and was thinking clear contact paper would be good for keeping the decorated cover clean on other journals. Course once it's stuck on ~ it's on there, ya know.

there is a closed Group on FB - The Documented Life Project, really cool arty type peoples you can 'search' for it and request join'age. I have set up an Album, APG Jamie - Texas, for my photos {yeah you'll see the same ones here & there}

Happy Art'ing Y'all


Anonymous said...

Love your planner Jamie, especially the tabs. I'm using a 7x10 loose leaf binder that I found in hubs old stuff.

Jamie Lynn said...

Husbands can be very handy to have around LoL

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