February 13, 2014

Bonjour Y'all

this is the ArteDar Challenge spread that I have done

it will go in my journal

Top row L-R  ~ pattern (basket weave), food I like (cookie), my eye color (brown), butterfly (ies), flower(hydrangea)

Second row L-R  ~ chair (rocking), something red (medical symbol), something of comfort (Jesus), a letter (Y), animal (giraffe)

Third row L-R  ~ blue (sea critter), a number (2014), hand(s)

Bottom row L-R  ~ a word (big), bird (swan), smile, a hat (on our Eiffel Tower in Paris Texas*), a pet (not mine)

Circle is drawn around my number; Solid line is drawn around the edge; Stitched line is drawn around the corner rectangles; Dotted line is around the Eyes and the Smile

Between the basket weave (row 1) and the medical symbol (row 2) is the word Blue; Between the letter Y and the flower is the word Chair; Just below Jesus is the word Comfort

*Yep we have been there a few times and um that’s about all that’s there too (sorry Paris); 

 Y'all may find ArteDar Here and Here.

Happy Art’ing Y’all

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Julie Ann Lee said...

Hi just stopping by to say 'Hello' and thank you for becoming my newest follower. Your blog looks like a fun place. Have a Happy and Creative day. Julie Ann xx

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