August 18, 2014

A Difference

With a twist

It’s a blog hop! A BLOG HOP WITH A DIFFERENCE even, I was tagged by my lovely friend

Dana Christiansen of Dana’s Inspirations. I have been blessed to meet and hug her in real life. She has a brilliant heart and it shows through in her delicious art work. Yep I said delicious, because her paintings and journal pages are like fresh fruit. Vibrant and tasty and when I see Dana’s stuff it just makes me happy. Her work has a special quality that shines like love. Dana has designed stamps for WhimsyStamps and taught in the Soul Food online workshop. Please pop over to her blog and see for yourself her lovely art. Tell her I said, ‘hey y’all’.

Ok the deal on this Hop, I tell ya who tagged me (^see above Artist^), I answer 4 little questions about myself (a good topic) {insert nod here} and then I will introduce y’all to the bloggers who I tagged to be a part of this on going (perpetual even) Blog HOP with a Difference

If y’all don’t know (why not) I do Mixed Media and that pretty much covers it. I’m free to use whatever I chose at any given moment or to use what I have in a manner to achieve what I envision or what I’m led to (that means what my hands and or eyes like). I just never quite know what I will use on a canvas or a journal page for that matter. For poetry I use a pencil or a pen and some kind of paper (could be a napkin or a sticky or copy paper) lol I mean Mixed Media is as diverse and as eclectic as I am (lol those words mean the same thing – sorta). Fun Stuff y’all

Ok here we go,

How does my creative / writing process work? LoL sometimes it’s a surprise even to me. I never know what will inspire me to create a piece of Art or a Poem for that matter. Sometimes one comes from the other and the other way ‘round. When an idea implants in my head (a word, quote, color, image, scene, concept) I will sometimes mull it over (this includes writing / sketching down the general idea) other times I have to do it right now. I mostly gather what I think I’ll use and then proceed getting busy with it. I have a hard time limiting what I can use or the way in which it was “meant” to be used. When I get in the zone, that’s where everything else in RL (real life) falls away and it’s just me and what I’m doing, I loose myself, well my “worldly self” and I find the true me. Umm yeah, I’m an Intuitive Artist. . . I take my basic idea (a picture in my head or a concept / emotion / or just whatever moves me) and make that or something like it. LoL When I’m finished I feel blessed to see what my hands did while my mind wasn’t looking. Yes, that’s what it feels like anyway.

like photographing and making family Postcards
(Dog Days of August 2011)

How does my work differ from others of the same genre? (I love saying that word - genre) That’s a good question. MixedMedia is a huge genre and I think everyone that does it is a bit different from anyone else. I think that some of me will show itself in my work somehow, for better or worse. And because no one else has lived my life experiences I can only do / show my experiences, expectations, visions and etc. Whew I’m glad y’all didn’t ask what my “Style” was, lol. I have never been good at doing something ‘Just like this’ or exactly like the rules say. . . lol, even if I try. I know lots of people say that and I believe it’s true for each of us. This means my colors, or material choices may not be what others use, or would have used. Therefore my work (?right?) . . perhaps it’s the symbols that I use that I’m not even aware of {shrug}. Oh and I “try” to be humorous sometimes (most of the time). I mean laughter and smiles (even the quirky ones) are just so, well they are just so full of life.

one of my canvas girls

Why do I create / write what I do? That’s simple because I have to. I have found while examining my past (we all do that), at those times when I couldn’t create because of one thing or another, I was wonky, err my life felt wonky. And it took me a while to figure that out. You know that when I get to create, um when I let myself create something anything I’m a better person. Besides it makes me happy and what’s better for the world than one more happy person. (rhetorical question doesn’t need answering) – let yourself feel the happiness that IS in you.

fly like I know ya can (with or without a cape apron)

What am I working on? LOL training a puppy mostly, but in the studio I am working on a series of Canvas Girls. Well that’s a bit of a mis direction, the girls are on, err will be on, heavy watercolor paper then they will find their way onto canvas board. And I’m also doing some stuff to exhibit at our local art Gallery – the Gallery at the Madeley Building, operated by Conroe Art League. Oh and don’t forget I’m making Videos my YouTube channel is ArtistPoetGirl. LoL pay no attention to those people who suggest or mention that I have an accent. . . I don’t hear it so it’s ... um well ok maybe I do have one. Lol but I don’t hear it.

tools and stuff

See 4 simple questions Easy peasy (snort).

I’m pleased to introduce y’all to:

DaPoppins; I have been virtual friends with her for a long time. Da is a happy fun loving soul who likes and respects the growth of children and God and Scrapbooking and Mixed Media. Yeah and more. She has sound advice for child rearing or child sitting and stuff that you can do to entertain and teach those little people in your life.

Johnna of ScrappyCamperSisters; is a fun loving, caring person who alongside her sister (DarcieGlam) creates some of the neatest and most useful albums. Her stories of childhood memories are heartwarming as she walks us through her inspiration and Well y’all just go over and see for your selves her lovely spirit. ps ask her about Zippee.

Please O pretty please Be sure to check out their blogs on August 25th so you can read about them and their answers to the easy peasy and thought provoking questions. 

Thanks Dana for tagging me for this Blog Hop with a Difference.

Happy Art'ing Y'all

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Dana said...

Woo HOOOOOO!!! Loved reading the answers to your questions and find out more about what feeds your creativity. I will always cherish our chance to meet in person too (and your wonderful Mr. Johnny!) xoxo

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