September 18, 2014

More than half way

Y'all, no really it's true. 29 minus 18 leaves 11

that's 11 more faces to make and without further ado do

Day 17, I may try to redraw this one as I'm not that happy with it. 
that hand y'all it's just, well ya see. {practice practice practice}

Day 18, lol, she is funny and there are lots of things going on here. She is quirky and 
I think she is dancing on the dark side of the moon. Well in my head anyway.

Happy Art'ing Y'all


Rocío López said...

So expresive!

Annette McCarty said...

I was going to join this group because your faces made me want to try to draw them. So far in September I have drawn 2. it is the 19th. Can I continue or start over on the first of the October? I cant find the rules.... Help me Jamie, I want to do 29 faces lol. Please. By the way, I love yours.

Clare Lloyd said...


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