September 24, 2014

um different

kind of faces

well ok two of 'em are

Day 22, I confess I'm happy with the way her breasts came out. . . 
well NOT out, but ya know lol

Day 23, those are mountains over her left shoulder, yes with a door
the heart has a hole in it, but that hole is filled with Love (can ya see it?)
I also have a little poem to go with it, I'll post when I paint her & junk.

Day 24, lol a bit of a square & sorta hard to see (I think) in the photo, but
there is a face & IF / When I paint it it will be visible

so that's it for now ONLY FIVE (5) more to go y'all

Happy Art'ing Y'all

1 comment:

Carol B. said...

Yep, good boobs. LOL
Other poor darling's lost and eye and gained an ear. :-)
Great drawings Jamie. <3

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