December 30, 2014

so there

I was after Christmas weekend when what did I spy. . .

a new year just a coming and ah coming Holy Carp! y'all I have this thing a weirdness really and I've had it for many years. Maybe I inherited it. Yeah that's it, see it's not me it's a gene.

So I couldn't help but notice the puppy stains that were beaming from the carpet that covers our bedroom floor. Ummm no, no photos as I would be embarrassed for y'all to see besides who wants to be grossed out. Yeah I thought so NO ONE. And any ways Johnny "noticed" too and said we really need new carpet. I says yeah, but I'm not ready to empty the bedroom and paint and did I mention I need to purge, so um yeah NOT ready. . .

but I did go rent a machine this morning and got that carpet all spiffy and "new" looking so um yeah I got to postpone the really hard work.

and after I did the carpet I mopped; However I did forgo the pre-sweep, well I just swept like yesterday or the day before or before that so um yeah.

and after that I gave the dogs a bath, little stinky staining things that they are. Molly is small enough to be done in the sink but Champ. . . yeah he needs a whole room sooooooo

after that I had to clean the bathroom

and after that my back went into spasms. I mean really who is surprised by that? yeah that's what I thought NO ONE.

and now I'm couch bound for the rest of this day and tomorrow I shall visit the studio where I'm sure I have a toilet to clean there too. le sigh

oh about that thing that I have lol I have to have the house clean and the laundry done for the New Year. It's just nice to start out that way so tomorrow I will wash and dry one last load for 2014. Hummm maybe I'll mow the yard weeds too. Well it could happen.

Stone Avalokiteshvara MFA 7-18-13

Happy Art'ing Y'all

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