April 27, 2015

Soooo what have I been doing

You may or may not wonder? But never mind cause I will tell y’all. I’ve been busy, with various classes at the college, fun ones not credit courses, and helping a friend with some shipping of boxes and the usual household stuffs and

Volunteering at the art gallery and I even helped with a show, receptions and worked an art festival. And of course the fur babies are well And was told I had to have a professional web site for my art stuffs. .. .

But um I didn’t go that far, I have made a “professional”blog, cause that’s how I roll and to so I’ve sorta been posting over there, playing catch up of a sort. I’ve been trying to get stuff ready for a Gelli Demo up in Livingston in mid May.

I have done a couple / few videos but not many. I’ve mailed off my Pocket Letter Page to my swap Pal and still need to edit that video and get it up. I’ve also been doing the HOT mess ART gang Newsletters and some actual art’ing. WEeeeeee I’ve done a couple group art’in sessions at a local church (info on that “professional” blog) I call it that because it really won’t have “personal” stuffs on it (that’s the plan anyway)

Johnny and I have gone to the movies a couple of times, loved The Woman in Gold. Furious 7 was pretty good, well it was hard to suspend belief a few several times, but they did a great tribute to Paul at the end.  The TV series we like, The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul have ended for the season, Defiance is soon to start I think (hope) and we no longer have HBO so we are not getting to watch Game of Thrones. Oh well

We have meet up with friends to go to a couple of plays and to help say goodbye to the Texas Motor Speedway (it’s been sold & closed).
 And le sigh you see, just a little busy. It looks as though things are calming down for us. My classes are ending soon and the Paint in’s, at the Church will be over (after May) for the summer. So maybe I can get back to a new normal soon.

Here is the link to my other blog, if y’all care to drop over there & have read. xoxo y’all

Happy Art’ing Y’all

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Teen Queen said...

Great art, updates, and I like the other blog. Thanks foe sharing.

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