May 9, 2015

So a funny thing

Happened while I was docent at the Gallery on Friday. . . a film crew came in and . .. .

 Ok so they were scheduled to be there & I was pre warned & was requested to wear something touristy. So I wore my only wild floweredy shirt over my usual tank top (cause it’s hot here y’all). Bless the film crew for “directing” us to do this, that & tother. Not a clue what will be in the final short film. . .

I took a few photos and Brad, the cowboy took a couple with my phone while they were setting up shots and whatnot’age. Lol the hard part was listening to “direction” while talking and laughing, because they wanted us to ACT like we were ‘talking & laughing’ so um yeah, what? Lol. Do y’all know how hard it is to talk and smile at the same time?  I mean really lol & they set me up in the courtyard scene with a glass of wine. . . Me the non-wine drinker that makes a bitter beer face LOL. Let me put it this way I deserve an Oscar just for NOT making that squinted up face thing

Umm What’s it for you may wonder???? Well it’s for the Visitor’s Bureau of our beautiful little town of Conroe. They will prolly use some of the stills for brochures and on the website and who knows what all. The film (budget allowing) may be on our Web TV, in movie theaters as part of the pre-show whatnotage. What theaters I don’t know, but that’s what I was told when I asked about my debut and what kind of premier would there be and such. It was suggested that I prolly would NOT need a designer gown nor a limo. Le sigh ya know. LoL

Some lucky people got their art in some of the shots, some of us (ME) did not. But I can’t tell y’all how fun it was to witness this process and see how funny non actors can act. It was a process too. Sitting up the camera and lights and shifting things in the room for different scenes and stuff. They also shot other places around town so they have lots of footage to edit and assemble and do voice over for. . . wonder if they will call me to do a little musical interlude. lol

Happy Art'ing Y'all

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