September 4, 2015

Sept CC

Lol that’s the September Calendar Challenge hosted by DarcyUK of Art-n-Sole fame. The rules for Sept. were: Keep a part of the original picture & incorporate that into your design.  Technique - add lines using the edge of a ruler or credit card dipped in paint.  Add – use a random word generator to pick 10 words, use these to make a sentence to add to your page.  Blog your calendar page and link up from September 1st 2015

So here are the words as chosen by TextFixer.

Forty / amnesiac / stiff / harmony / loop / amuse / shadow / legendary / ear / phenomenal

It wasn’t easy to assemble them into a cohesive sentence … so I added some of my own and I like it.

^^ Before ^^

^^ a snip it of After ^^

YES as a matter fact you may find a video here if you dare to watch. . . beside IF you want to know my final sentence this is where you can see & hear what I came up with. Enjoy

Other CC peps here

Happy Art’ing Y’all


abby j said...

Effective change, Jamie...nicely done. Enjoyed the video explanation, too!

Darcy UK said...

LOVE.. you crack me up.. and not in a buttcrack kinda way lol

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