November 20, 2015

and ToDay

I bring a link to, umm yeah Today's video where in I do a reading if ya want you can do the reading for yourself right here. Poetry due to my busy business lol no time to art {sad face} and in honor of busy this first poem written in April 2010

An Exhausted Exhaustion Poem

It is exhausting to think
to write a poem, of what?
Even the word itself takes one's breath away

Exhaustion's extension
not to mention the afterward
effects by adding "ing"
which is exhausting

Yes it all makes one so very
oh so very tired
In fact even now as this thought is contemplated
one perhaps has . . . no defiantly
one has become totally and completely exhausted


this second one was written in April 2009, it is in honor of the recent terrorism  in Paris

An Essence of Hate

What can there be in existence
which is the spirit of anti-love?
A burden of hatred cast about
Given, take, consumed
doled out as if  it were a gift

How can it
be in existence?
Something great to own
To confound, confuse
reek havoc among us

Where can it exist
without the longing for it
a desire of it?


Happy Art'ing Y'all

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