February 2, 2016

Feb 2016 Face Time

Yep I’m gonna try to do it again, but here is my disclaimer I won’t be posting every day. I would like to say I would, but you and I (all of us) know that would not be true. LoL & hahaha. I expect to draw my faces on Watercolor paper with drawing pencils. . . some will end up painted, some not . . . some may end up on canvas .  . . And here we go. . .

Face #1

Face #2

 To find other 29Facers visit Ayala

PS IF YOU CLICK ON THE LINK AT THE TOP 29FACES you will also see prior years as they are all filed under the label 29 Faces. thank you & have a blessed day y'all

Happy Art'ing Y'all


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

She is very lovely. Well done.

Debi said...

Great start! I'm with you! I HOPE! to post everyday! And this is my second time trying this challenge, so I really must endure! xo

SusuPetal said...

Your lines run smoothly and make expressive faces.

creativitybyangenita said...

They are lovely. Posting every day is almost impossible. Hmm, drawing a face every day is almost impossible ;)

Ileana said...

Sweet faces. Looking forward to seeing more of your artwork.

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